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Are you planning on visiting Leavenworth and need a place for your pet.  Give us a call and we will be happy to accommodate your pet during your stay.

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"Your pets place to stay while you're away."

Frequently Asked Questions
1. I have more than one dog. Can they board together.
Yes, they can! Our kennels are large enough to accommodate up to 3 dogs per kennel. If they need separate feeding please let us know.
2. Do I need to bring my pet's food?
We provide food for your pets, but if you'd like them to stay on their diet or special food, we will gladly feed them the food your provide.
3. Can I bring my pet's bed, dishes, etc?
Yes, you may bring your pet's own bedding, chews, food and treats, but we provide dishes, leashes, choke chain, toys and bedding if your pet needs one. Please mark your pet's belongings with a permanent marker.
4. Can my dog or cat socialize and play with other pets?
Only if you request and the other party also.
5. What if my pet gets sick?
We immediately contact you, no matter what time it is and follow your directions. There is a veterinarian 2 miles away and we can transport your pet there. If after hours, the veterinarian has a 24 hour emergency service number. Your pet is our number 1 concern.
6. Do you give pets medication?
Yes, we do. If your pet needs needs pills, sprays, ear or eye drops, there is no charge. For shots there is a minimal charge per shot.
7. What if I am late picking up my pet?
If you are a little behind schedule, call us and we will try to accommodate you. However, we have family and pets that are counting on us to be home for them.
8. At the end of the day are our pets left alone in the lodge?
We work here at the lodge 14 hours a day with constant pet interaction. I'm sure your pets are ready for lights out and the noise level to subside so they can rest for the night. We live on the property and have a monitor system so their safety is our main concern at all times. 

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